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Anti-Poison Respirator

2020 Jul 04

Respirator is a kind of special labor protection supplies to protect personnel's respiratory system, which is generally composed of a filter box or a canister and the main body of the mask.The main body of the mask isolates air and ACTS as a seal;The canister ACTS as a filter for poisonous gas and dust.It is mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration harmful gas and dust.Respirators are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, military, fire fighting, disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention, science and technology and environmental protection.

Principle of gas

There are many kinds of respirators, usually divided into two categories according to their structure and working principle: air filter respirators and air supply respirators.

Air filter mask

Filter masks, or "filter masks" for short, work by allowing harmful air to pass through the filter before being inhaled.The structure of a filter mask is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, the other is the filter material part, including the filter cotton used for dust prevention and chemical filter box used for gas prevention.

Air supply mask

It refers to the clean air source isolated from harmful substances, which is sent to the face of the person for breathing through the pipe and mask through the dynamic action such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device, etc.

Electrostatic filter material and activated carbon are used for odor removal layer. Respirator is used for particulate matter and organic odor protection.

Metal smelting and processing industries are also used in some special forces.

High efficiency electrostatic filter (beyond NIOSH requirement) has low respiratory resistance.

Special effect to remove odor layer, feel fresh air.