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Antistatic Mask

2020 Jul 04

Antistatic mask is made of special polyester filament and high performance permanent conductive fiber woven by special process.It has excellent and durable anti-static and dust-proof performance, and can effectively release the static charge of human body.The density of clean silk fabric is higher than that of ordinary silk fabric, which can achieve no fluff, no pilling, no shedding fiber, no dust, no dust penetration, good air tightness, can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria;It prevents particulate pollution from exhaling from the nose and mouth.In addition, this anti-static fabric has dual properties: permanent anti-static and dust-proof effect is particularly good, can be used for 100-10000 level dust-free rooms, up to international standards.

Applicable Scope:

Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production workshops

Circuit board production workshop

Precision instrument workshop

Optical product production workshop

PCB production workshop

Plastic factory production workshop

Food factory production workshop

Medical laboratories and research laboratories

Dust-free workshops and purification workshops in major factories

For individuals with high static index can have a significant effect