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Duck-billed masks

2020 Jul 04

Duck-billed masks, also known as duck-billed masks, protect against very small dust particles.The inner and outer layers are made of soft P.P. cloth, which reduces fiber loss and increases wear comfort.The main feature is easy to fold and easy to carry.The high efficiency filter layer of electrostatic treatment can effectively separate and adsorb very fine harmful dust.The adjustable nose clip and built-in nasal pad make the mask mask and face seal better, suitable for all facial shapes.

Using range:

Mining, construction industry, foundry industry, grinding the pharmaceutical industry, agricultural gardening, forestry, animal husbandry, underground engineering, electronic appliances, instrument manufacturing, food processing, cement plants, textile mills, tools hardware factory, metal grinding, polishing, cutting, grinding operation, etc., can effectively prevent the non-ferrous metal, harmful pollutants such as heavy metals