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2020 Jul 04

Dust respirator is an essential protective device for operators who are engaged in and exposed to dust.It is mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration harmful gases and vapors and the working environment producing dust.Only adsorbents or sorbent are contained in the filter cartridge.Some cartridges also contain a filter layer to prevent aerosol.Some military respirators, mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or with water-resistant and oil-resistant fabric as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material as the inner layer, polyurethane foam soaked with activated carbon as the bottom layer, can provide temporary protection in the event of a sudden attack of gas.


There are many kinds of dust masks.But their principle is the same: are used composite filter materials, the general filter materials are: activated carbon fiber activated carbon particles melting spray cloth non-woven electrostatic fiber, of course, there are other special filter materials, mainly used to deal with other special toxic gas or radioactive particles and so on.The classification of dust masks is similar to that of other masks, and we can also classify them according to the number of times they are used and their appearance.

One, according to the frequency of use: can be divided into, disposable respirators, respirators and recyclable respirators.

Two, according to the appearance to divide: can be divided into, half mask type full with type plane cup type duck mouth type and so on.


The duck-beak dust respirator is designed in the shape of a boat, with adjustable nose clip on the outside and sponge strip on the inside. The elastic band design is more in line with the mechanical requirements and has good sealing performance, which can bypass the ear and cross the head, avoiding the ear discomfort caused by wearing the respirator for a long time and improving the comfort of wearing.

The three-dimensional design of the duck mouth mask makes the conversation more convenient, especially suitable for purification room, medical use to prevent bacteria, virus infection, industrial use to block small dust.This product is fully automatic production line.

The inner and outer layers are made of soft PP non-woven fabric, which can reduce fiber shedding and increase the comfort of wearing.

The filter layer is made of high efficient melting spray material, which can effectively prevent dust and non-oily particles in the air.Application: construction, mining, textile, grinding, pharmaceutical, cement, glass, hardware and other industries.

Take the respiration valve:

Dust mask with exhalation valve reduces heat accumulation and makes breathing easier. It is suitable for long-term use in high temperature and humidity environment with non-toxic, tasteless, non-allergic and non-irritating raw materials.High filter efficiency, low resistance adjustable nose clip, make face mask and facial sealing better, dust can not easily leak into treated with electrostatic filter layer, effectively filter and adsorption extremely tiny harmful industrial dust, prevent silicosis ultrasound welding, spandex elastic silk material to protect the wearer more effectively application: construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, food processing, cement plants, textile mills, cutting dust, heavy metals in the workplaces where harmful pollutants.