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2020 Jul 04

For safety reasons, many restaurants take sanitary measures to reassure customers that transparent masks will be used.Masks can block invisible bacteria, saliva bubbles, etc., and provide more or less some comfort to the nervous diner.However, common masks have their own problems. When "smile service" is promoted, a non-woven cloth directly covers half of the face, leaving only the eyes exposed.Even if you smile like a flower, it's awkward.

At the restaurant, the staff were all smiles after using the see-through mouthpiece, but when they looked closely, they all had a clear half-moon plastic sheet on their faces, which replaced the traditional white mouth piece.His greatest advantage is that the service staff can smile and communicate better with the guests.

In fact, not only the catering industry, transparent masks can also be used in hospitals, supermarkets, beauty services and so on, so that the service staff can show more smiles and make the contact more healthy.

The characteristics:

1. Beautiful and fashionable appearance, light weight, comfortable and convenient wearing, wear resistance, anti-static

2. A certain gap on the face can eliminate the sultry feeling, which will not cause secondary pollution due to the secretions from breathing

3. Communicate freely and don't be embarrassed by bad breath

4. Reusable after cleaning and wiping, non-disposable masks are economical, practical, environmentally friendly and low carbon.

5. It can effectively prevent all kinds of harmful bacteria invisible to the naked eye and the droplets (foreign bodies) emitted spontaneously during the process of speech and communication, so as to avoid unpleasant feelings for customers.

6. Through the transparent mask, facial expressions can be seen, which does not cover women's makeup, increasing confidence, and showing more politeness and respect to customers