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Medical Protective Mask

2020 Jul 04

Medical protective mask is a self-suction filter type medical protective equipment that can filter the particles in the air, prevent the transmission of some respiratory tract infectious microorganisms, and block the droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc.


The medical protective mask is composed of the mask face body and the tension band. The face body of the mask is divided into three layers: inner layer is ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven cloth, middle layer is mono-layer or multi-layer ultra-fine polypropylene fiber melt jet material layer, and outer layer is non-woven or ultra-thin polypropylene melt jet material layer.This kind of highly effective medical protective mask has strong hydrophobic and air permeability, and has remarkable filtration effect on small virus aerosol or harmful dust, with good overall filtration effect.

The medical protective mask has a good fit with the face of the wearer. It can filter the particles in the air and block the pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions. The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach over 95%, making it a common personal protective device against airborne diseases.