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2020 Jul 04

Nano silver mask by Anhui Micro silver biological environmental protection Technology Co., LTD., using nano silver anti-virus air filtration technology principle.There are 5 layers inside and outside.The middle three layers are activated carbon deodorant layer, PM2.5 filter layer and deep filter layer, which can filter out fine particles with diameter less than 2.5 microns in the air and have excellent anti-haze performance.At the same time, the use of nano silver antibacterial properties, so that the mask itself has antibacterial effect, antiviral ability can kill the bacteria in the mouth exhaled.In addition, it is highly effective against more than 650 viruses such as avian influenza and Newcastle disease.By the National Labor Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, poultry Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and SGS Switzerland General Notary Firm and other authoritative testing institutions test: PM2.5 filtering effect conforms to and exceeds gb2626-2006KN95 standard;The virus inactivation rate and bacteriostasis rate were both & GT;99%, antibacterial, antiviral, high efficiency against influenza.


1. Silver nanometer material, double layer protection: two layers of silver nanometer antiviral and antibacterial high-tech filter material inside and outside, highly effective antibacterial and antiviral.

2. Activated carbon odor removal layer: effective adsorption of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, automobile exhaust and other harmful gas molecules.

3.PM2.5 filter layer: it can effectively filter the inhalable particles, reaching and exceeding the gb2626-2006KN95 filtration level, with the effective filtration rate up to 99.8%.

4. Ergonomic nose clip design: Ensure that the mask is suitable for the face structure, stronger sealing, leakage rate can be effectively reduced.

5. Ergonomic nose pad: It can improve the comfort of wearing and effectively prevent the exhaled gas from condensing on the lens and affecting the vision.

6. Respiratory valve design: reduce respiratory resistance, strong air permeability, breathing more comfortable.

7. High quality elastic earband: good elasticity, good elasticity, comfortable to wear.

8. Skin-friendly and weakly acidic fabrics are used to protect the facial skin without irritation.

9. Self-adjusting patent buckle: It can be adjusted freely according to the shape of individual face to ensure that the mask fits the face.