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Plain Mask

2020 Jul 03

The plain mask is made of soft PP material, and the nose clip design can be adjusted according to different face shapes for the most comfortable.It is designed for people's health, with the aim of filtering out some visible or invisible substances that are harmful to the human body, so as not to cause unnecessary effects on the human body


Plain masks are divided into two layers of non-woven cloth masks, three layers of non-woven cloth masks and four layers of activated carbon masks.

Size: 17.5×9.5cm (adult), 15×9cm (child)


The raw materials

2 layers mask: non-woven cloth, bridge of nose, ear hanging.

3 layers mask: non-woven cloth, nose rib, ear hangings, filter cotton (filter paper).

Activated carbon mask: non-woven cloth, bridge of nose, ear hanging, filter cotton (filter paper), activated carbon cloth