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PM2.5 Mask

2020 Jul 04

PM2.5 mask refers to the mask that can effectively filter THE PM2.5 particles. The tightness of the mask determines the ability to filter the particles.Can effectively filter the invisible killer in the air - smog, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other tiny particles.Suitable for the environment with poor air quality.The basic structure of PM2.5 masks is that the outer layer is an antibacterial fabric, which is made of carbon fiber felt pad, polymer fabric, non-woven cloth, etc.


The original design of PM2.5 masks was to minimize the possibility of people inhaling dust and germs. However, with the rapid development of PM2.5 masks, the types of masks gradually increased and so did the types of masks.

According to the classification of appearance, the mask mainly includes ear-hanging type, lacing type and head-wearing type, among which ear-hanging type is more convenient and comfortable to use.

According to the structure classification, masks mainly include: disposable flat masks, disposable folding masks, disposable cup masks, three-dimensional PM2.5 comfortable masks.

According to the position of wearing, masks mainly include: nose mask, mask, nasal obstruction.

According to the classification level, PM2.5 masks are generally classified into:

Ordinary level: no disinfection, may contain pathogenic substances, only applicable to dust and particles.

Disinfection level: only kill pathogenic microorganisms, there are still other microorganisms breeding, only used in ordinary occasions.

Sterilization level: kill all microorganisms, achieve aseptic state, suitable for medical health and public places.

The safety coefficient of both the general level and the disinfection level is far lower than that of the sterilization level. Therefore, consumers should read the outer packing clearly and distinguish the levels when buying disposable masks.

According to the classification of materials, PM2.5 masks on the market are generally classified into:

Ordinary gauze masks, medical masks, N95 masks, and PM2.5 Protective Masks have passed the group standard authorization certification, etc

Ordinary gauze mask can be used for repeated cleaning. The disadvantage is that saliva will be left in the part of the mask inside that contacts with the mouth and nose. If you do not wash diligently, bacteria will easily breed, which does not meet the hygiene requirements.The fibers of cotton masks are generally thick, unable to effectively filter smaller particles, and most of them have not passed international safety certification, so the protective effect is not guaranteed.(This kind of mask has no anti-haze effect)

N95 respirators, mainly disposable respirators, provide over 95% protection against PM2.5.

Medical masks, although not as effective as N95, can prevent patients from spreading the virus to others.(This kind of mask has no anti-haze effect).