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2020 Jul 04

Respirator is a respiratory protective device for the purpose of preventing the transmission of certain respiratory infectious microorganisms and protecting the health of the body.


1. Daily protective masks

The mask body of daily protective masks is made of filter materials. The wearer relies on self-breathing to overcome the filter material's resistance to airflow, so it is called self-suction filter respirator.On inhalation, the low air pressure inside the mask causes air flow into the mask;Air pressure in the mask is higher than ambient air pressure when exhaling, and air flow is discharged through the mask.When the mask filter meets the standard requirements and the mask fits the user's face closely enough, most of the inspiratory air will be filtered through the filter.Daily protective masks do not fit 100 per cent of the face, which is affected by factors such as the shape of the face, the smoothness of the skin and the presence of hair under the mask.Most of the particles inhaled by wearing daily protective masks are from leakage, so the tightness of daily protective masks is the key to ensure the effective effect of the filter materials.To reduce leakage, daily protective masks must be designed to be three-dimensional, with headbands and nose clips applying pressure to fit the mask tightly to the face.

Daily protective masks are divided into dust respirators and gas respirators.

Dust respirator: respirator with protective ability against harmful dust aerosols.Dust masks are generally cup shaped, which can effectively fit on the mouth and nose to achieve the effect of dust prevention.Dust masks are usually used to keep out dust or waste gas and do not filter out germs.

Respirator: Respirator used to protect respiratory organs from toxic biological agents and radioactive dust.

2. Medical protective masks

The medical protective mask is composed of the mask face body and the tension band. The face body of the mask is divided into three layers: the inner layer is ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven cloth, the middle layer is ultrafine polypropylene fiber melting spray material layer, and the outer layer is non-woven or ultra-thin polypropylene melting spray material layer.This kind of highly effective medical protective mask has strong hydrophobic and air permeability. It has a significant filtering effect on small virus aerosol or harmful dust. The overall filtering effect is good.It prevents infection by airborne infectious agents of diameter ≤ 5 mg or by close contact (≤ 1m) with droplet borne disease.The particle filtration efficiency of mask filter material should be no less than 95%, with high protection level.