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Sterilize Mask

2020 Jul 04

The main differences between sterilization mask and non-sterilization mask are sterilization degree, microbial index and application.

1. Degree of sterilization:

The degree of sterilization is one of the differences between sterilization of disposable masks and non-sterilization. Although both of them are produced in sterile workshops, the degree and standard of sterilization of sterile masks are much higher than that of non-sterile masks, and the sterility level of the workshop producing sterilization masks is higher than that of non-sterile masks.

2. Microbial indexes:

Both disposable and non-sterilization masks are disposable medical masks, manufactured in accordance with the provisions of YY/T 0969, but they also have different microbial indicators for masks. Sterilization masks require sterility, while non-sterilization masks only have limited microbial requirements.

3. Use:

Non-sterilized disposable masks usually refer to common dust respirators, which are commonly used in factories and can be worn for protection in hazy or windy days, while sterilizing masks are often used in hospitals.