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Valve Mask

2020 Jul 04

The utility model relates to a respirator filter with a valve mask having lower exhalation resistance and more comfortable wearing.Strictly speaking, valve masks are divided into disposable and compound.

Wearing a method:

1. First loosen the headband about 2-4cm apart.

2. Place the valve mask in the palm, and turn the nose metal strip toward the fingertips so that the headband hangs down naturally.

3. Put on the valve mask with the metal part of the nose up and close to the face.

4. Put the upper end band of the valve mask behind the head, then pull the lower end band over the head, put it at the back of the neck, and adjust it to a comfortable position.

5. Slowly press the fingertips along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose, from the middle to both sides, inward until it is tightly pressed against the bridge of the nose.Cover mask with both hands and perform positive and negative pressure tests.Positive pressure test: Mask over hands and exhale vigorously.If air spills over the edge of the mask, the headband and the metal band on the bridge of the nose should be adjusted again.Negative pressure test: put your hands over the mask and breathe in vigorously.The center of the mask will sag. If air enters through the edge of the mask, you should adjust the headband and the metal band on the bridge of the nose again.

Function of breathing valve:

Use a respirator with a breathing valve to help you breathe more comfortably in hot, humid or poorly ventilated or labor-heavy environments.The working principle of breathing valve is that the positive pressure of exhaling gas will blow off the valve plate during exhalation, so as to quickly eliminate the waste gas inside the body and reduce the muggy feeling when using the mask, while the negative pressure during inhalation will automatically close the valve to avoid the pollutants inhaling into the external environment.